The Hair School’s mission is to provide outstanding cosmetology, barbering, manicurist, esthetician, and instructor education, and to¬†ensure that all of our graduates will be successful in their field of study in this beauty industry. Our objectives are to:


  • To provide a positive learning environment where students excel in their career choice and graduate with a strong foundation on which to build future skills and knowledge in the beauty industry.
  • To prepare students to pass the Washington State Board of Cosmetology examination and attain their license.
  • To facilitate learning and personal growth in education that includes salon operations and business practices in a salon-like environment which will provide necessary job-related skills.
  • To graduate students whom salon owners request for employment and clients request for their skills.
  • To administer training so successful that both current and previous students refer prospective students to us for their professional career education.
  • To develop the attitude and habits necessary for success through exceptional training.
  • To continue to raise professional-level and reputation of the industry by our involvement and support of all facets of the industry.